Lazada 3 update

22 03 2023

The Bangkok Post reports on the arrest of Aniwat Prathumthin, a social media influencer also known as Nara Crepe Katoey, “… arrested in Ayutthaya for public fraud over online sales of random gift boxes…”. The Post reports that in “September last year, Aniwat was arrested on a charge of advertising dietary supplements containing the hazardous psychoactive stimulant…”.

Clipped from Thai PBS

Readers may recall that Aniwat was previously arrested on 16 June 2022,along with Thidaporn Chaokuwiang, aka “Nurat”, and Kittikhun Thamkittirath, aka “Mom Dew,” and charged all three with Article 112 offenses over a Lazada promotion. Aniwat was also charged under the computer crimes law. Their lawyer states that the three were freed on bail and denied the charges.



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