On coronation III

5 05 2019

So the king has crowned himself and the newspapers and local media are full of concocted stories and news about the him and his many “achievements.” Nothing critical, nothing really truthful and no body count.

A couple of days ago we mentioned Srirasmi’s ousting from the palace when the prince tired of her and how nasty and vicious it was. We added that she was in imposed seclusion and that several members of her family have served jail terms.

The German newspaper Bild has taken up her situation and has released some photos that confirm rumors that have been around for more than a year, that have her under house arrest and treated so badly that it is almost unimaginable. Yet, as some have said, she’s lucky to be alive, and we guess her former spouse thinks that way as well. The Bild story is behind a paywall.There’s also a short Facebook post by the newspaper which states:

Thailand has a new king – and this one is unceremoniously himself as part of a solemn ceremony in the great palace of the capital of Bangkok. As magnificent as the coronation was, the stories of the disgraced ex-wife: Srirasmi … is supposed to be under house arrest. What this one should look like, show these pictures.

Thanks to Andrew MacGreogor Marshall at his Facebook page, we have some of the photos of her torment.

Her house is made as unpleasant as possible. And, she’s not permitted to use an indoor bathroom.

The sign tells her she has to now learn the meaning of “sufficiency.” It seems the king can even channel his father to increase her torment.



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