Further updated: Sineenat’s travels

28 08 2020

Social media has lit up with reports of King Vajiralongkorn’s once favorite consort being released from prison and being sent back to the king in Germany. Internationally, these reports have come from Junya Yimprasert and Andrew MacGregor Marshall, at their Facebook pages. However, the reports are also circulating widely in Thailand.

The king has a long record of cruelty, punishing minions, and as the rumors over several decades have it, for having some killed. He sacks people in a rage, issuing angry royal announcements. He also has a reputation for punishing his former wives and consorts along with their families.

Readers will recall that in October 2019, the king banished Maj. Gen. Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi, one of his royal guards, but really his favorite minor wife over several years. Until the king punished her, Sineenat or Koi had often photographed with the prince-cum-king in Germany.

This act was shocking for only in July that year that the king officially made her Chao Khun Phra or Royal Noble Consort. And, in August, Sineenat received huge palace-arranged propaganda as the king’s favorite.

At the time, the official announcement “accused Sineenat of attempting to prevent Queen Suthida from being crowned and abusing her royal status.” Reports of the announcement stated:

Sineenat not only “expressed her opposition and exerted her pressure in every possible way” regarding Queen Suthida’s elevation to the throne as the Queen of Thailand, she also sought to have His Majesty the King appoint her to the role instead.

The announcement also explained away her previous position and official lauding by the palace propaganda machine:

After her repeated disobedience and attempts of interference with the royal affairs, the statement said, … the King graciously bestowed her the title of Royal Noble Consort in July out of hope that Sineenat would “lessen her pressure” and change her tact [sic.].

Instead, Sineenat continued to display “ambition” and overstepped her authority by engaging in many royal court activities without … the King’s approval, which caused much confusion to the public….

The announcement concluded that:

Her actions are considered disloyal, ungrateful, and ungracious of [the king’s] kindness…. They caused division among the royal servants and misunderstanding among the public; these amount to acts of sabotage against the country and the institution [monarchy].

She was stripped of all royal ranks, decorations, and her military rank.

That all sounds pretty grim. It got worse. While not reported in Thailand, her family home was demolished and she was jailed.

Over the last couple of days it has been widely rumored that she has been released from the Lat Yao Women’s Prison. Several on social media believe that she is now on the king’s personal plane (paid for by taxpayers) on her way back to the king in Germany.

Originally, it was thought she would be traveling later in the week, but the movement of the king’s plane suggests she might now being transported across borders. The plane must refuel on its way to Germany, so she’s unlikely to be seeing Thaksin and Yingluck in Dubai.

It is not known if this means further punishment or if she will be rehabilitated. We’d guess that if she’s back with the king, then she remains in a dangerous relationship.

Update 1: If Sineenat is aboard HS-HMK, then she’s now departed Dubai heading to Europe.

Update 2: HS-HMK arrived in Munich at about 8.50 am Munich time. We must now await to see if Sineenat was on it and if she is being publicly rehabilitated or whether her abuse will continue.



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